Episode 25 Out Now

Its Our Vantage Point #25 Wrestlemania Recovery Special with special guest Donnie Rizzo! You can listen to it here at the site or via iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.  You can also now get the episode over at Place to Be Nation!  In this episode we discuss:

– Our Wrestlemania Recovery Show
– We break protocol and talk about CURRENT Wrestling: Yesterday’s Wrestlmania
– Special Guest Donnie Rizzo

Enjoy the Show!

2 thoughts on “Episode 25 Out Now

  1. Maybe it was due to low expectations, but Lesnar/Goldberg was may more exciting than I thought it would be.
    But yeah, that Goldberg was a thing in 2017 is a problem in and of itself. His one match comeback was great, but it should have ended there.

    And Undertaker/Reigns was just…sad?

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    1. Joe here… Thinking back, I actually liked Lesnar/Goldberg because it was short and the right guy won. Plus, suplexes.

      Reigns/Taker was just strange. I’m not a big Roman-basher but I really don’t think he was “the guy” to try to put on an epic match in this spot. I’m sure he’ll develop into a REALLY good worker one day (he’s good already as it is), but April 2nd was not that day.

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