Hall of Fame Bites #4 Out Now

Hall of Fame Bites #4 has been released!  You can listen to it here at the site or via iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher. This is the fourth and final of the Hall of Fame Bites! In these special half-hour podcasts, we discuss the latest WWE Hall of Fame inductions and provide our thoughts on their eligibility. In this episode we discuss:

– Kurt Angle
– Legacy Inductees

This episode is also available in video form our YouTube page:

Enjoy the Show!


4 thoughts on “Hall of Fame Bites #4 Out Now

  1. Lincoln/Burns was easily a **** match. Would have been ***** but it wasn’t Japanese.

    Love that you did the old guys list. I’m a mark for pre-NWA history and the guys who would call Verne Gagne a free-wheeling hippy 😛


  2. Also the Goldust Trio was Mondt, Ed “Strangler” Lewis, and Billy Sandow.

    They took over the NWA’s Northeast territory centred in New York after the death of the original NWA New York promoter Jack Curley died.

    The Trio invented “Slam Bang Western Style Wrestling,” which laid the foundations for the WWF “style” that contrasted with the more athletic style favoured in the Southern NWA territories (which was the basis for WCW).
    They ran the NWA Northeast territory until the trio fell apart when Mondt tried to oust Sandow, and the three just split up and cashed out. Mondt still had control of NWA Northeast though, and brought in Jess McMahon to help run the business side now that his two partners were gone.

    That laid the foundations for Capitol Wrestling when Jess Died, and his son Vince K inherited his stake in the promotion. Of course Capitol became the WWWF when Mondt and McMahon Sr. seceded from the NWA.


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