Episode 23 Out Now

Episode 23 has been released!  You can listen to it here at the site or via iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.  You can also now get the episode over at Place to Be Nation!  In this episode we discuss:

– What Do We Think of the Million Dollar Man?
– Mount Rushmore / Death Valley:  MANAGERS!
– AWF Warriors of Wrestling 2/25/95 Review

Enjoy the show!

10 thoughts on “Episode 23 Out Now

  1. Manager Mount Rushmore…

    -Bobby Heenan
    Heenan’s great, and I would argue he was Hogan’s true arch nemesis, through three companies. He managed heel AWA World Champion Nick Bockwinkle in his feud with Hogan. Then they both go to the WWF, where Heenan tries to topple Hulkamania. Then to WCW, where Heenan still opposed Hogan as the lead WCW heel commentator.
    Then Hogan turns heel with the nWo, but the heel turn is in the context of an invasion. So again, Heenan’s opposing Hogan. If you pull back and look at pro wrestling as a whole regardless of promotion? Heenan vs Hogan has to be one of longest, most influential feuds of all time.

    -Paul Heyman
    His entire body of work, from Memphis to Continental, to NWA/WCW, to ECW, to WWE. It’s just brilliant.

    -Jimmy Hart
    Jimmy Hart’s great. Kayfabe he’s probably loaded because he manages all of these top-level heels, but he still wears gaudy suits and cheap plastic sunglasses because he’s a slimy used car salesman at heart.
    And you guys said he never elevated one. I disagree. I would recommend watching the Sting/Luger frienemy story from WCW in 1996 pre-nWo. He made Luger amazing.
    Speaking of Turnerland, some NWA/WCW love…

    -Harley Race
    Like Heenan, Race’s biggest strength was the long-running story. He’s the NWA’s dominant World Champion until Ric Flair knocks him off at Starrcade ’83. Then Flair breaks his record for most ever World Championship reigns. So what does Race do? He goes out. He finds a monster. Vader. And he sets out to use this monster to destroy Ric Flair, leading to the awesome main event of Starrcade ’93 (not bad for a decade-long on and off feud 😉 ).

    Death Valley

    -Colonel Rob Parker
    Look, I get it as a southerner. NWA JCP/WCW always had trouble shaking the “southern regional” feel, but they did themselves no favors with this guy. His only good work was with Sherri (who’s very good, but not Mt. Rushmore material in my opinion).

    -Jose Lothario
    I don’t want to disrespect his work as a trainer, but he just didn’t work as a manager. And why does the uber-charismatic Shawn Michaels need a manager anyway?

    -Coach Tolos
    You guys said it all.

    -Jim Cornette
    You guys said it. Outside of the Midnights? He’s done nothing of note. Which doesn’t make him bad per say, but I feel like he’s built up as this great manager/mind for the business despite falling far, far short. So on that basis, being held up despite his many shortcomings? To Death Valley.

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    1. All fantastic recommendations. I can’t even believe I forgot to mention Jose Lothario for Death Valley. He was just completely awful. I am not sure about Col Parker tho because say what you will about him but he did some funny work with the Sherri Wedding angle and I thought he was actually pretty funny asking Mean Gene for money and on top of that had me actually feeling some pity for him at the time lol. -Quinn

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  2. Another great show. Here is my managers.

    Mount Rushmore
    1. Bobby Heenan (GOAT)
    2. Jimmy Hart
    3. Paul Heyman
    4. Freddie Blassie

    Just Missed (Ms Elisabeth, Slick, Captain Lou, Mr. Fuji)

    Death Valley

    1. Humperdink
    2. Jimmy Valiant
    3. Frenchie Martin

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    1. Seems more people really feel Jimmy Hart is a Mount Rushmore of Managers huh? I like Jimmy but I don’t know its so hard to really think of him as top 4 when there is so many great Managers. I think Jimmy’s really only thing preventing him from being on Rushmore was the simple fact that we ran out of room. -Quinn


  3. My case for Jimmy is three fold.

    He had a great run in Memphis that I only learned about from the Network and some of the DVDs.

    As a WWF manager, he guided HTM to the longest IC title run ever and they both had so much heat. This guy was a gas cab constantly dumping onto a fire and generating heat. I never didn’t want to punch this guy. He also had the Hart Foundation. He had Valentine during his unreal run against Santana. He had Earthquake and almost killed Hulkamania. His WWF run from 84-95 ish is right about the best ever.

    Lastly, the megaphone. I dreamed of sticking that thing up his ass. He never stopped. His mouth was like nails on a chalkboard and all this is a good thing. He was such a good heal. He could bump too. When it was time for him to get it he sold his ass off. Jimmy Hart is probably my number 2 behind Heenan

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    1. High praise but I think our case for Sherri was actually quite similar. She being the weakest candidate I feel its the only logical spot that Jimmy could take. I think we just like Sherri better and her resume is equally great think about, she managed Macho Man, Ted DiBiase, Shawn Michaels (she got him over too and launched a successful career), Ric Flair, and Harlem Heat(again she got them over and what would Booker T be without being in Harlem Heat?) I think Sherri and Jimmy are very close but Sherri still gets the edge to me because she had way more nuance than she gets credit for and she did it in an environment where women were still treated as valets instead of Managers. -Quinn


      1. With me it just comes down to what I grew up with.
        I began to really watch wrestling in late ’94/early ’95 with WCW Saturday Night on TBS. This was right when Hogan was coming over, so Jimmy Hart was a mainstay for my early years watching.
        I completely missed Sherri’s WWF run. Her WCW run was great too, but Hart was just more important to the ongoing WCW angles from ’94 through ’96.

        I think objectively Sherri’s WWF run coupled with her solid work in WCW would give her a leg up on Hart, but just speaking from personal experience? I tend to associate Hart with more “main event” calibre programs.


  4. Rushmore:
    -Bobby Heenan
    -Jim Cornette
    -JJ Dillon
    -Paul Heyman Dangerously

    Death Valley
    -Paul Ellering
    -Clarence Mason
    -Frenchy Martin
    -Ric Flair (Too over, overshadows)

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  5. My subjective Mt Rushmore is
    Bobby Heenan- none comes close
    Johnny Polo
    Jim Cornette
    Honorable Mention – Sherri

    Death Valley
    Paul Ellering- I have never ever understood his appeal useless
    Col .Robert Parker
    Oliver Humperdink
    Sinister Minister- Honestly I could do bout 3 death valley there were some managers.

    I would like to also give a shout out to two more modern managers in wwe one is Armando Alejandro Estrada I thought he did an excellent job with Umanga and he had that old school 80s feel to him. The other I might get called foul on but I loved her work in NXT and that is Alexa Bliss. I know she was also an active wrestler but she was about the only thing entertaining about Blake and Murphy and I thought she was and is very good on the Mic really put over the team and plays snarky bitch well.

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