Episode 38 Out Now

Episode 38 has been released! You can listen to it here at the site or via iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher. You can also now get the episode over at Place to Be Nation! In this episode we discuss:

– Deep Dive:  Wrestling Talk Shows
– Mount Rushmore/Death Valley: Tag Team Names!
– ECW Hardcore TV 7/1/2000 Review

Enjoy the show!

2 thoughts on “Episode 38 Out Now

  1. When talking about wrestling talk shows you’re right. There’s Piper’s Pit and then there’s everything else.

    Roddy Piper’s shtick was by far the most innovative and memorable. No one was ever able to duplicate it. Hot Rod smashing Snuka with the coconut and ginning up a fight between Hogan & Andre are probably the two biggest wrestling talk show moments in history.

    The Brother Love show was second best by far. Though I’m just a few years older than you guys I did get to see several of the Brother’s Love skits as a kid mostly when they replayed his obnoxious, gimmicked up show usually with heels attacking the babyface (after ten minutes of Brother Love insulting them and calling them stupid nicknames) on whatever pay per view I was watching on the Coliseum Home Video I had rented. Lol

    Jericho’s show produced a lot of good segments and I don’t think Miz tv is bad so far as modern ones go.

    I have a bone to pick with you guys on the Mount Rushmore and Death Valley of tag team names as we disagree quite a bit here.

    By definition, I’m not going to include super teams like the Mega Powers. Yes it’s Hogan & Savage and of course, they’re awesome but I wouldn’t include them simply because they weren’t a traditional tag team. They were thrown together to main event SummerSlam, work an angle & eventually explode and meet each other in the main event of WrestleMania.

    Mount Rushmore


    “Down Comes the Ax… and here comes the Smasher!”

    You discussed them near the start but didn’t pick them for whatever reason. They have one of the best tag team names and among the best entrance themes in wrestling history. Plus they had the badass look, heel manager & gritty smashmouth style to back it up. Should definitely go in #1!

    Faces of Fear

    You’ve mentioned them on several recent Mt. Rushmores but have yet to give pick them. Well, Meng & the Barbarian deserve to go in. Their tag team name is great… and they were better in the ring than the Powers of Pain. (The Warlord was really limited with his moveset. lol) They had the raw jungle tropical music which gave everyone the impression they’re just a couple of savage islanders when they come out which isn’t far off. Plus, they were both original members of the Heenan Family, Haku is thought of as being one of the legit toughest guys in the business and Barbarian is the guy who trained Goldberg for pete’s sake! (Although he never gets credit for it I heard Goldberg bring it up on Austin’s podcast.)

    Road Warriors

    I’m inducting them with their original name. The LOD was cool too… nonetheless, they tore the house down in AWA & NWA as Hawk & Animal of the Road Warriors. The original badass power team so many others were based off of. Their finishing maneuver still looks sick to this day. Stiff workers no doubt but they were very authentic dudes.

    Hart Foundation

    It was interesting hearing you guys argue over this one. You two overthought this one. Bret “the Hitman” Hart & Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart both have Hart in their name and they are legit Harts (brother in-laws at least) by way of Jim marrying a Hart sister. One of the best duos of all-time and on everyone’s short list of best 80s tag teams during the Glory Era of tag teams. They were just awesome together. Power & technical prowess combined. They had a great and annoying manager, Jimmy Hart, as well.

    Death Valley

    … where teams go to die, die die…

    Well Dunn

    Get the hella outta here man. What did these guys ever accomplish except jobbing and looking stupid?

    Ding Dongs

    Honestly, I don’t even remember them but that is an unbelievably stupid name.

    High Voltage

    WCW’s perrenial jobber team. Can’t remember either guy. Did they ever win a match?

    Mega Maniacs

    Yeah, I’m sorry but they deserve to be there. Scumbag ’93 Hogan and his beloved crony Brutus Beefcake (with his broken face) wearing his mask?

    This team was just total garbage man… at least WWF did the right thing by putting Money Inc. over them at WM IX.

    As it relates to the ECW show on TNN, unfortunately the promotion was well on its way to extinction at that point. I saw a couple of those shows because a friend of mine who always liked wrestling was into it but they were totally forgettable. Too little, too late. I never got into ECW big mostly because I had little access to them and I was too busy following the happenings of the Monday Night Wars while the WWF and WCW/nWo went at it.

    I suppose I should go back and watch a few of the mid 90s ECW ppvs sometime from when they were at their peak. Any suggestions?

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  2. Mount Rushmore Tag Team Names…

    I’m a big fan of character continuity and the fact that Simmons and Bradshaw were able to go from the Acolytes to the APA while not entirely rebooting their characters was really cool to see in retrospect.
    On top of that? The APA name just fit, and sounded badass.

    -The Hart Foundation
    It’s a clever name that just sounds “right.” I can’t say much more than that it was just a really awesome name.

    -The New Age Outlaws
    Like the Hart Foundation? It just fit. It’s got a bit of a grunge feel to it, while also sounding neo-retro. I dig it.

    -Harlem Heat
    “Harlem Heat” sounded like the other team was in for an ass kicking. Enough said.

    Death Valley

    -Well Done

    -JeriShow/Show Miz/The Awesome Truth/The Golden Truth/Rated RKO/Team Hell No
    Any attempt to sticking two singles guys together and giving them a mashup name is just awful in my book. The only one that even kind of worked was The Rock and Sock Connection.
    And I put that down to Rock and Foley just being charismatic enough to get anything over.

    -The Ding Dongs
    This was almost worse, believe it or not. Herd’s original plan was to have a team
    of hunchbacks. The idea being that they couldn’t be pinned. Thankfully he talked down to JUST two jobbers with a bell fetish.
    But what am I even saying? The name alone sucks. Fuck off Ding Dongs.

    -The Midnight Rockers
    “Rockers” was just fine, but “Midnight Rockers” always seemed like it was trying to siphon off good will from the mega-successful Midnight Express vs Rock’n’Roll Express feud.


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