Episode 35 Out Now

Episode 35 has been released!  You can listen to it here at the site or via iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.  You can also now get the episode over at Place to Be Nation!  In this episode we discuss:

– Deep Dive: Doink the Clown
– Mount Rushmore/Death Valley: Strongmen!
– WWF Superstars 10/1/94 Review (Warning: Do not operate heavy machinery while watching this episode)

Enjoy the show!

One thought on “Episode 35 Out Now

  1. Goldberg was more of a shoot fighter, Hogan was more of an all American superhero.

    So with that in mind…
    Mount Rushmore
    -Brock Lesnar
    Legit wrester/MMA fighter, freakishly strong, and he just looks like he’s made of rocks and anger 😛

    -Mark Henry
    He legitimately won a world’s strongest man competition, and his career really got a second wind with his Hall of Pain run/fakeout retirement attack on Cena.

    It may be too early, but he’s already done far more than a lot of people have with the strongman gimmick.

    -Superstar Billy Graham
    He popularized the concepts, and was the first guy to prove the WWWF/WWF/WWE could run with a heel world champ.

    Death Valley
    -Dino Bravo
    He sucks. He’s the worst.

    -Ahmed Johnson
    Just…just slow down and form your words, man.

    -Tony Atlas
    He’s not bad, but he’s so bland and uninteresting. Which isn’t Death Valley worthy in and of itself. Bland + overpushed though? Yikes.

    ZEUS! He wasn’t even a wrestler!


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