Episode 31 Out Now

Episode 31 has been released!  You can listen to it here at the site or via iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.  You can also now get the episode over at Place to Be Nation!  In this episode we discuss:

– Deep Dive:  The Many Looks of Randy Savage
– Mount Rushmore/Death Valley: WWF Intercontinental Champions!
– WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/16/95 Review

Enjoy the show!

One thought on “Episode 31 Out Now

  1. Yay, Mount Rushmore’s sticking around!
    IC Champs are weird, because so many of the best ones (HBK, Bret, Rock, Austin) were really great world champs that used the IC belt as a stepping stone. So I’m looking at IC Champs who just made the belt mean something.

    -Randy Savage
    As you guys said, he defined what the IC Champ “should” have been.

    -Bret Hart
    He was a fantastic World Champion, but his IC run was amazing in retrospect. Bret exemplified the “workers’ champion” archetype. He went out every night and put on great matches.

    -Shawn Michaels
    Like Bret he lived up to Savage’s example.

    -Chris Jericho
    Jericho had the WWE and World Championships on various occasions, and most of his reigns were fine.
    He also had the IC Championship a record amount of times though, and every reign elevated the title because Jericho was that good.

    Death Valley

    -The Mountie
    Why? All he did was serve as a transitional champ. He didn’t do anything with the belt, and he just didn’t “deserve” it. The belt, ideally, just seemed above what he should have been doing.

    -The Road Dawg
    The NAO were bad enough as a tag team. Split up both were just aweful.

    Whenever people talk about the point when the IC title went downhill? Albert eventually comes up.

    What a flop. Just…his whole reign was just a wet fart.


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