Episode 30 Out Now

Episode 30 has been released!  You can listen to it here at the site or via iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.  You can also now get the episode over at Place to Be Nation!  In this episode we discuss:

– It’s our Season 3 Finale!
– What Do We Think of:  Sports Entertainment?
– Mount Rushmore/Death Valley: WWF World Champions!
– Exposed: Secrets of Pro Wrestling Review

Enjoy the show!

2 thoughts on “Episode 30 Out Now

  1. I always assumed the “smokey bars” thing was Vince’s veiled shot at the southern NWA territories that ran shows out of armories and the like.

    In retrospect I loved that the NWA/WCW always played up the “sports” aspect and wasn’t affraid to refer to it as pro wrestling.

    Mount Rushmore of WWWF/WWF/WWE World Champions

    -Bruno Sammartino
    The dude held the title for like 11 years total and he sold out MSG for all of it.

    -Hulk Hogan
    He made wrestling, not just the WWF, mainstream.

    -Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Highest drawing WWE Champion in history, the face of the company’s resurrection.

    -The Rock
    Very charismatic, rivalled Austin in popularity, and then became the most famous movie star in the world.

    Death Valley

    – Stan Stasiak

    -Iraqi Sympathizer Sgt. Slaughter
    What the actual fuck…

    Fun fact. The WWF came its closest to going out of business during Nash’s reign.

    What did he ever do of note besides be a big load?

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  2. Joe & Quinn,

    You guys did a great job discussing both sides of wrestling vs. sports entertainment.

    I am more of a purist but you’re absolutely correct. Vince took WWF to a new level under his sports entertainment model and NWA was boring so who are we to judge?

    WWF World Heavyweight Champion

    Mount Rushmore

    The Immortal Hulk Hogan – No one can argue with this one except the biggest Hogan haters. Hulkamania helped build the WrestleMania brand, told little Hulksters to train hard, take their vitamins and say their prayers and was the face of the company for the longest time.

    Bret “the Hitman” Hart – Bret was a very good champion. Among the best workers who carried everyone he ever worked with besides maybe HBK who matched him in terms of talent. From the time he first beat Flair to give average sized wrestlers everywhere hope & re-define what it meant to be WWF world champion, the Hitman was an icon for fans & “the boys” backstage alike. He also wrote the best wrestling auto-biography of all time. A must read for diehard fans.

    John Cena – How could we not include him?

    SuperCena, though he’s been shoved down our throats more than Roman Reigns probably ever will be, has carried WWE for an entire generation and he’s not done yet. Cena has now headlined almost as many, if not more WrestleManias than the Hulkster himself. Like him or not, Cena has earned his stripes and done a great job representing the company. Doing talk show appearances and charity stops, etc.

    Bruno Sammartino – I just can’t not include him. Bruno held the belt for years on end in Vince Sr.’s old WWWF. I haven’t watched much of that era. It was before my time but Bruno was the first in a long line of dominant babyface champions in Titan land years before Hogan, Austin & Cena.

    Honorable Mentions: Macho Man Randy Savage & CM Punk… (hello, the 434 day reign was great during a time when WWE had little else to go with besides a prolonged Punk vs. Cena feud. Punk helped elevate guys like Del Rio & Ryback, both of whom WWE kinda dropped the ball with. Punk always gets overlooked & for good reason but had he just not walked out, his legacy as one of the GOAT would be more intact.) Meanwhile, Savage made everyone look great from Warrior to Hogan to Flair to up & comers like Bret Hart & HBK. He participated in one of the best WrestleMania title matches ever at the first wrestling event i ever attended live as a 10 year old with my dad at the Hoosier Dome for WrestleMania VIII. I was hooked for life after that.

    Death Valley

    JBL – He should top the list. Never should’ve been champion. Not enough talent. You can’t just push someone from mid-carder to main event heel overnite & expect us to swallow it as being credible. Brings to light the Jinder Mahal push right now on Smackdown but at least he likely won’t be champion. This is just a case of Vince giving his conservative buddy a push to the top while they ripped off the Million Dollar Man gimmick. (Ted had so much more talent & his gimmick was so much better… LOL)

    Great Khali – I mean Khali got over a little more after winning but still the guy never should’ve been champion. This was on the watered down Smackdown brand… with the horrible Punjabi Prison match Khali had to drop out of from due to Enzymes from what I remember. In addition to not being able to talk & having to be put with Davari his finisher was the shits too. Mysterio jobbing to him in an underdog vs. monster gimmick is the only thing that made Khali’s title reign even somewhat passable. LOL

    Sheamus – Can’t argue with you there. Horrible champion. Sheamus never had any charisma. If they wanted to get him over as a credible heel they could’ve at least put Heyman with him or something. The goofy Irish accent, albino white skin & his hilarious mohawk ruin it for me.

    Miz – Sorry but he never did it for me. His beautiful wife Maryse has helped Miz reach new heights as a heel in my opinion but I just thought Miz was an annoying, laughable joke back in 2009/2010 or whatever when he got that big push. Dude was never cut out to main event a WrestleMania with Cena & certainly not that long ago.

    Miz’s finisher was/still is the shits… and all he could do was talk trash kinda like Enzo Amare. But it’s hard to take the guy seriously when I may be able to take him myself while never having laced up the boots. LOL

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