Episode 29 Out Now

Episode 29 has been released!  You can listen to it here at the site or via iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.  You can also now get the episode over at Place to Be Nation!  In this episode we discuss:

– What Do We Think of:  Hell in the Cell & Cage Matches?
– Mount Rushmore/Death Valley: Finishers!
– North American Wrestling Association – 6/9/90 Review

Enjoy the show!

4 thoughts on “Episode 29 Out Now

  1. Woo! Shout out!
    And yeah they need to stop the constant kickout. I don’t think AJ Styles has actually beaten anyone with just one Styles clash in WWE :\

    Backland’s finisher was a crossface chicken wing and Bruno’s was a bear hug 😛

    Mount Rushmore
    – DDT
    It’s no longer a true “finisher” because everyone uses it as a regular move, but Raven and Bobby Roode proved you can still pull it off as a finisher even after it became watered down. Cody Rhodes does a really great version of it.

    -Diamond Cutter/RKO/Stone Cold Stunner
    This one’s awesome because DDP or Randy Orton could/can both pulled it out against anyone in any position. I would even lump the SCS in there. It’s all the same basic move and all three wrestlers made it work.

    From Lawler to the Undertaker and Kane, the Piledriver still looks like something that ends a match, no question.

    It’s so iconic. All a wrestler needs to do to get a pop in Canada is to put it on someone. I love Sting, but Bret made it cool.

    Death Valley
    Byron Saxton used it. It’s an abomination.

    -The Heart Punch
    Punches as finishers are lame.

    -Von Erich Claw
    It just looks awful. I just can’t buy anyone being beaten by it, or it even hurting all that much.

    -The Worm
    At least the Legdrop was built up with presentation. The Worm was just stupid.

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  2. Finishing Maneuvers

    Mount Rushmore…

    This may seem kind of boring but I agree with you guys on 3 of 4 of the best finishers.

    Bret Hart’s sharpshooter – The best of the best submission moves applied by the Best There is, Best There Was & Best There Ever Will be. Bret beat stars from Stone Cold Steve Austin to HBK to getting Flair to submit to win his first world title with this awesome move. And if you’ve ever put it on someone or been stuck in the sharpshooter yourself you’d know it’s no joke.

    DDP’s Diamond Cutter – “It’s Me… It’s Me… It’s DDP!” One of the best finishers of the 90s. Diamond Dallas participated in the feud of the year in 1997 against Macho Man Randy Savage & applied many diamond cutters out of nowhere as he saw his stock rise from established mid-carder to main event star. From the Nitro where DDP faked out Hall & Nash in regards to joining the nWo, applying the diamond cutter to both of them it was only a matter of time before DDP’s star would shine. Having one of wrestling’s most badass finishers certainly didn’t hurt.

    Jake “the Snake” Roberts’ DDT – This is a no-brainer. You guys hit the nail on the head. Great choice. Fans chanted it throughout the match. Devastating finisher. On a good note, Alexa Bliss is making it look legit again.

    The Power Bomb – The Styles Clash isn’t bad but you can’t go wrong with a strong power bomb. Whether it was Big Van Vader, Sid Justice or Kevin Nash dropping their opponent on the mat, folding them up like a cardboard box on their head & neck it doesn’t get much more devastating than this. Sid probably had the most legit looking power bomb in my opinion.

    Death Valley – Where Stuff goes to Die, Die, Die

    Dolph Ziggler’s fameasser – I’m sorry but this move is the shits. Don’t care for it at all. Shouldn’t register much more than a two count if that. I’ve always had issues taking Dolph seriously as a main eventer because of it.

    Dean Ambrose’s inverted DDT – This move sucks. Terrible… if used as a signature move, it’s fine. But as a finisher, this horrible version of the DDT is enough to make me turn the channel.

    The Hart Punch – Yeah I agree. It’s awful looking & lazy to boot no matter who’s doing it.

    JBL’s super clothesline – Because clotheslines suck as a finisher & so does JBL. Why does that guy still have a job after bullying so many people & generally just acting like an ass backstage? I don’t get it.

    Seems like a classic case of Failing Up.

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  3. No 619 in the discussion for worst finishers of all time for shame. Made no sense and always looked so stupid.


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