Episode 27 Out Now

Episode 27 has been released!  You can listen to it here at the site or via iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.  You can also now get the episode over at Place to Be Nation!  In this episode we discuss:

– What Do We Think of Jake “The Snake” Roberts?
– Mount Rushmore/Death Valley: Gimmicks & Characters!
– WCW Thunder 5/3/2000 Review

Enjoy the show!


2 thoughts on “Episode 27 Out Now

  1. Gimmicks and characters

    Mt. Rushmore

    -Stone Cold
    The perfect anti-authoritarian character. And he kept evolving. He went from the ultimate rebel to being someone so obsessed with the word title that he allied himself with the head of the company to get it at WM X-Seven.
    The heel turn didn’t work but the storyline from WM XIV-X-Seven was perfectly told (with a few hiccups along the way *cough*higher power*cough*).

    -Hollywood Hogan
    This was the Hogan I knew for most of my early years watching. He’s just so perfect at being the chicken shit gang leader.

    -Ric Flair
    He wasn’t the first guy to do the rich ladies man thing, but Austin wasn’t the first to do the anti-authoritarian badass. Both took the gimmicks to new hights.

    -Mr. McMahon
    Eric Bischoff actually beat him to the “evil boss” character by a year, but nWo Bischoff was just Hogan’s bitch. Mr. McMahon was pure evil and it was fantastic.

    Death Valley

    -Gobbledy Gooker
    It’s made worse by WWE acting like they’re in on the joke these days.

    -The Yeti
    Schiavone’s actually explained the “yet-ay” stuff. He said something like “it was a bullshit storyline so I gave it bullshit commentary.”

    -Ding Dongs
    HERRRRREDDDDDD! *shakes fist at sky*

    -Beaver Cleveage
    I mostly watched WCW back then as a kid, but I remember tuning into Raw during a Nitro commercial break and seeing that. I was just old enough to start getting the innuendo and it freaked me out to the point that I swore off the WWF until WCW went under.
    In retrospect? It feels like a weird look into Russo’s psyche.

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