Episode 26 Out Now

Episode 26 has been released!  You can listen to it here at the site or via iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.  You can also now get the episode over at Place to Be Nation!  In this episode we discuss:

– What Do We Think Of:  THE UNDERTAKER?!
– Mount Rushmore/Death Valley:  Years in Wrestling
– WWF Livewire 10/12/96 Review

Enjoy the show!

4 thoughts on “Episode 26 Out Now

  1. Mount Rushmore of Years

    All around greatest year of wrestling. Eleven year old me was on top of the world.

    The year the WWF makes wrestling mainstream, and the NWA was pretty hot as well.

    WCW was in the crapper, but the WWF was scorching hot. I hate to say it as a WCW fan but WWF more than made up for it.

    The rise of Cena before Super Cena got old, the fantastic Batista face turn, TNA was still great, and ROH was heating up.

    Death Valley

    My favorite company died, the InVasion was a wet fart, and Steph took over creative.

    Both companies are just…just bad.

    I actually walked away. Think about that. I didn’t walk away after WCW died and the InVasion faceplanted. But 2012 was just…dull.
    Add in the water potential from the Summer of Punk? Just a dull waste of a year.


    1. Interesting the 2012 pick. It was my understanding a lot of people had come back at that point and were ok with the product with Punk and all. Not that any of the Punk stuff really worked out in the end or Daniel Bryan unfortunately. -Quinn

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      1. 2010 was incredibly dull for me and 2011 started off in bad shape with The Miz headlining WrestleMania (I concede he’s MUCH better now :D).

        2011 got super hot with Punk’s pipebomb and him walking out with the WWE title after MitB, but by the time SummerSlam was over? It was clear they’d bungled it and I just lost interest in the product entirely.

        I came back in late 2012 because the Raw where The Rock came back to challenge Punk for the title was in my hometown, and I figured why pass up an opportunity to see The Rock in person? I’ve been back since, but 2011 post-SumerSlam and most of 2012 is just a dead period for me.

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  2. I never watched WCW. I grew up in Buffalo, NY. The WWF was my territory and I’ve been loyal to them since 85. ECW was huge in Buffalo and we had a PPV of theirs in 99. So I considered them a little. But mostly, for me, this is a WWF/E list.

    1985- War to Settle the Score, Wrestlemania, Saturday Nights Main Event debuts.
    1987- The greatest year in the history of wrestling.
    1998- The best year of the additue era, WM 14, Mankind off the Cell
    2014- Network debuts, WM30 (best mania since 17), Suplex City emerges out of Lesnar domination at SummerSlam

    Death Valley-

    1993- just an awful year
    2002- brand extension- I walked away for 10 years
    2011- Miz was in the main event at Mania


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