Episode 22 Out Now

Episode 22 has been released!  You can listen to it here at the site or via iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.  You can also now get the episode over at Place to Be Nation!  In this episode we discuss:

– What Do We Think of the Mr. McMahon Character?
– Mount Rushmore / Death Valley:  Wrestlemania Main Events!
– WWF All-American Wrestling 6/18/89 Review

Enjoy the show!

4 thoughts on “Episode 22 Out Now

  1. Love this topic. Here is how I approached it. I only considers 1 on 1 matches for the WWF/E World Championship (Hogans belt). The match that goes on last is all I considered unless the show was billed as a double Main Event (i.e., WM VIII)

    Mount Rushmore
    1. Hogan vs. Andre III
    2. Mega Powers Explode V
    3. Austin vs Rock X-7
    4. Cena vs HHH XX22

    Honorable mention: Iron Man Match, Austin Vs. Michaels, Cena vs. Rock (29)

    Death Valley:
    1. LT vs. Bam Bam XI
    2. HHH vs Jerich XVIII
    3. Batista vs HHH 21


    1. Quinn here, I agree with your Rushmore as I had mentioned in the podcast I tend to lean more towards the Mega Powers Explode instead of the Warrior vs Hogan. As far as Cena vs HHH thats the only one I disagree on although these are solid picks.


      1. I wanted to pick a Cena match. He deserves a spot on there. His whole era isn’t my strongest. I’ve seen all those shows 1x but that’s about it. Where WM3 I’ve seen 100s of times and that’s probably not hyperbole. I was 6 that year and never didn’t have the tape. I know every inch of that PPV. I thought about the Iron Man match because it’s unique and Bret and Shawn deserved a spot but that would have been 3/4 by the 12th show.


  2. Mt. Rushmore

    Hogan v Andre (III)
    Hogan v Warrior (VI)
    Michaels v Austin (14)
    Rock v Austin (X-Seven)

    Savage v Hogan at V would have beaten out Hogan/Warrior, but the Trump Plaza crowd killed it. The Skydome stadium setting really adds to what’s already a pretty memorable match.

    Death Valley

    Hart v Yoko/Yoko v Hogan (IX)
    HHH v Rock v Foley v Big Show (16/2000)
    Rock v Cena II (29)
    HHH v Reigns (32)

    Lawrence Taylor v Bigalo shouldn’t have been the main event, but the match is far better than it has any right to be. Meanwhile the fatal fourway at 2000 is just a clusterfuck.


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