Episode 21 Out Now

Episode 21 has been released and Season 3 begins here!  You can listen to it here at the site or via iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.  You can also now get the episode over at Place to Be Nation!  In this episode we discuss:

– It’s Our Season 3 Opener!
– What Do We Think of Wrestlemania IV?
– Mount Rushmore / Death Valley:  Entrance Themes
– USWA Champtionship Wrestling 1/9/93 Review!

Enjoy the show!

7 thoughts on “Episode 21 Out Now

  1. A bit of a WCW-slanted list (I grew up in the south, what do ya want?), but here ya go…

    Hogan (Real American)

    And for Death Valley…

    Undertaker’s Limp Bizkit theme
    Shawn Michaels….I mean it became associated with him through attrition, but it’s not good by any means. And seemed really out of place once he came back as a legit born-again Christian.

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      1. Yeah, the HBK thing is maybe too harsh. A lot of the ones you guys covered are far worse, but it’s kind of a sliding scale for me, ya know? Like if a guy’s gimmick is that he’s a wrestling plumber then is there any chance whatsoever that his theme will be any good?

        With Michaels’ theme, it just seemed ill-fitting once he came back. Like, I’m no Bible thumper, so it’s not a value thing. It just seemed weird to have this very outwardly born-again guy in his 40s dancing to theme about him being a male stripper.
        Honestly? I think they should have just used an instrumental version once he came back full-time. That way you still pop the crowd with the familiar theme but without the ill-fitting lyrics.

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